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Meet Filly Fabricating Team

Kory Kiczan, President

As a member of the Kiczan family, Kory has a lifetime of experience in the manufacturing industry.  She has witnessed the industry growth and hardships and has utilized the hands-on education to establish the foundation that makes Filly Fabricating what it is today. In addition to her history of involvement in the manufacturing industry, Kory graduated from The Boyd School with an associate’s degree in business.

Kory possesses over 15 years of diverse business management and corporate account management.  She and her team work side-by-side on every project to ensure that Filly’s customers receive the highest level of quality and customer care available in the industry. When the production day ends, Kory is involved with a number of respectable charities and recognizes the need to support our community in both business and social services.


Rachel Gardner, Production Manager

Also raised behind the well-known walls of Kiczan Manufacturing, Rachel has extensive knowledge of the many facets of historic and modern-day manufacturing.  She understands the challenges of our industry that requires advanced knowledge and resilience. Rachel earned a bachelor’s degree from Duquesne University and has worked previously as a supervisor for a local Emergency Veterinary Hospital.

Rachel offers Filly Fab’s customers a firm understanding of the material, design and usage of their products, which adds value to the assembly and/or kitting process.



Al Phillips, Sales and Development

Al joined the Filly Fabricating Quality Department in 2013. Al has several years of experience in the Quality Department of Adtranz, dating back to AEG Westinghouse and Westinghouse Transportation. He has experience in several quality assurance functions, including in process and final inspection of assemblies, incoming and source inspection of purchased materials, and developing and maintaining inspection procedures.

Al will also be involved be involved in developing new business opportunities for Filly Fabrication, drawing on his experience in the aftermarket sales and services department at Bombardier Transportation.


For more information about the Filly Fabricating team and their ability to handle all of your fabrication needs please contact us at 412-896-6452 or you may email us at korykiczan@fillyfabricating.comcastbiz.net.


Women Owned and DBE Certified